April 2017 E-Newsletter

April 2017

In this issue:
  • Recap of the Lenten Reflection on Pope Francis’s Encyclical "Care for Our Common Home"
  • March 2017 Ministry Fair Recap
  • Pictures (STA Altar Servers at St. Patrick's Cathedral, Girl Scout Sunday, Ministry Fair, Care for our Common Home, STEM Fair, Fish Fry, School Pictures, Easter Vigil)
  • Easter Season
  • Feast of Saint George
  • Feast of Saint Mark
  • Upcoming Events

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Recap of the Lenten Reflection on Pope Francis’s Encyclical "Care for Our Common Home"

In a gathering cosponsored by the Holy Name Society, the Rosary Society, Young Adult/Youth Group and Women's Reflection Team, 32 parishioners of St. Thomas the Apostle experienced a simple Lenten supper followed by a presentation by Sister Mary Elizabeth Clark, SSJ. Sister is one of the 25 Ambassadors of the Catholic Bishops' Climate Covenant. Sr. Clark summarized Pope Francis' encyclical "On Care for Our Common Home." It is a wide-ranging document that does not just address "nature." Pope Francis asks us to look at all creation, including people, and address a crisis of mistreatment and poverty. It critiques out-of-control consumerism and consumption, destruction of the environment, and neglect of the poor and powerless. Sister's summary of the Pope's message included these points:

  1. he says nature and our society are showing very troubling symptoms;
  2. he says our faith has a lot to say about creation and the crisis we are experiencing;
  3. he urges us to look below the surface, at what is causing the problems;
  4. he says we need a new, alternative perspective to address the crisis; and
  5. he suggests a number of concrete steps we can take.

For more infomation about the encyclical, a summary of it and some useful links, please visit our website at: http://www.stachurchbloomfield.com/laudatosi

Ministry Fair Recap

St. Thomas the Apostle held a Ministry Fair on March 26th in the Parish Center inviting parishioners and non-parishioners to get a chance to know what ministries and services are available at Saint Thomas.

The Ministry Fair provided an opportunity to meet the various ministry members, ask questions and possibly join and participate, thereby having a more active parish life.

A special Thank you to the 24 ministries who participated in Ministry Fair and a thank you to all who took the time to come and meet and talk with them. As a result there were over 100 signups who volunteered their efforts and talents to better serve our parish and the Lord in a variety of ways.

What makes our parish work is the sharing our talents and time in service to others and the Lord.

You can view pictures of the Ministry Fair below and even more pictures at http://www.stachurchbloomfield.com/ministryfair2017pictures


Saint Thomas Altar Servers Serving at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, NYC, on Saint Patrick's Day 2017
Connor, Brendan and Aidan Heaney, three of Saint Thomas Apostle's Altar Servers, served Cardinal Dolan at the high mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral on Saint Patrick's Day 2017.

Girl Scout Sunday - March 12, 2017 at the 10:30AM Mass

St. Thomas School National Honor Society 2017
St. Thomas the Apostle School congratulates the following students who were recently inducted into The National Junior Honor Society:
Bianca Coltenback, Nathaniel Courtney, Sean Hopkins, Jacob Munoz, Gianna Prisco, Justin Reid, Daniel Ros, Aidan Salandy and Jadd Sedonio

St. Thomas Parish Fish Fry

Saint Thomas Ministry Fair on March 26, 2017
You can view more pictures of the Ministry Fair at http://www.stachurchbloomfield.com/ministryfair2017pictures

Lenten Reflection on Pope Francis’s Encyclical "Care for Our Common Home"

St. Thomas at the Archdiocesean Science, Technology, Engingeering and Math (STEM) Fair
Several displays at the the Archdiocesean Science Techonology Engineering and Math (STEM) Fair were consistent with the Pope's encyclical message Laudato Si on the environment and vulnerable populations. The STEM Exposition science fair ("Engineering a Better World") was held on March 25th, which included schools from four of its counties, including Saint Thomas the Apostle school children. The goal of the Exposition was to promote analytical scientific critical thinking, empathy for vulnerable populations and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Sixteen STA students had exhibits which included: 'Seeds 4 Life', 'Forever Equality', 'Eco Evolution', and 'Clean Water Source'.

St. Thomas School Pictures
For more, visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Easter Vigil 2017
You can view more pictures of the Easter Vigil at http://www.stachurchbloomfield.com/eastervigil2017

Easter - The 50 Day Long Feast

Alleluia! Alleluia! He is Risen!

The fifty-day feast of Easter developed from the harvest feast of ancient Israel known as "Shavuot," or the "Feast of Weeks." It was a period of seven weeks (a "week of weeks") plus one day, beginning with Passover and concluding with the fiftieth day, the day of Pentecost. The fiftieth day marked the end of the barley harvest and included an offering of the first fruits. By the time of Jesus, this festival also had become a celebration of the giving of the Law on Mount Sinai.

The themes of harvest, Exodus and the Law also became part of the Christian celebration. Christians celebrated the Passover of Jesus through death to new life and the Covenant that was established in him. Images of Christ as paschal Lamb and as first fruits are the earliest Easter images used by St. Paul.

Easter was the first of our feasts to develop beyond the weekly Sunday celebration. This fifty-day period of rejoicing seems to have been adopted by all Christian communities by the second century. Within a few centuries, however, the unity of the feast began to weaken, and the resurrection, the ascension, and the descent of the Holy Spirit began to be celebrated separately. Easter and Pentecost became two separate days rather than the two names for the same fifty-day period. Only in our own time has the unity of this celebration been reestablished, at least in the liturgical books. The pastoral challenge is to reestablish it in the minds and hearts of the parish, and the best way to do that is by celebrating the whole feast well.

Saint George - Feast Day April 23rd

St. George was a Christian soldier who was martyred in Palestine in the fourth century. Although very little is known of his life, legend says that he rescued a King's daughter from a dragon, and because of his faith in fighting the dragon, many people believed in Christ and became baptized.

Stained Glass Window is located with the lower windows in the Mary Queen of the Universe Transept.

Saint Mark - Feast Day April 25th

St. Mark, author of the second Gospel, was a member of the early Christian community in Jerusalem. He was a friend of St. Peter and St. Paul, and was a cousin of St. Barnabas. According to tradition, St. Mark became a leader in the Church of Alexandria in Egypt. In the ninth century, his relics were brought to Venice where they rest in the beautiful Cathedral of St. Mark. In art, St. Mark is depicted as a winged lion. It is believed that he wrote his Gospel, the first to be written, about thirty years after the Resurrection of Jesus.

Stained Glass Window is located in the Sanctuary.

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Parish Events:

April Blood Pressure Screening
Sunday April 23 @ 8:00AM-12:00PM

April Hospitality
Sunday April 23 @ 9:30AM-12:00PM

First Communion at the April 29 5:00PM Mass and at the April 30 10:30AM and 12:00Noon Masses

First Communion at the May 6 5:00PM Mass and at the May 7 10:30AM and 12:00Noon Masses

Parish May Crowning Prior to 9:00AM Mass
Sunday May 7

Managing Diabetes (A Health Lecture) Sponsored by the Wellness Ministry
Thursday May 11 @ 7:00PM

Mother's Day
Sunday May 11

May Blood Pressure Screening
Sunday May 21 @ 8:00AM-12:00PM

May Hospitality
Sunday May 21 @ 9:30AM-12:00PM

Eucharistic Adoration and Holy Hour
Monday May 22 @ 11:00 AM - 8:30PM

Ascension Thursday Mass @ 7:30AM
Thursday May 25 @ 7:30 AM

Ascension Thursday Mass @ 11:30AM
Thursday May 25 @ 11:30 AM

Ascension Thursday Mass @ 7:30PM
Thursday May 25 @ 7:30 PM

Memorial Day - Mass at 8:30AM only and Parish Center Closed
Monday May 29

Meeting Dates:

Shawl Ministry
Sunday April 23 @ 11:30AM

Men's Scripture Reading and Reflection
Monday April 24 @ 7:30PM

September Club Meeting
Monday April 24

September Club Meeting
Monday May 1

Rosary Society Meeting
Monday May 1 @ 7:00PM

September Club Meeting
Monday May 8

Men's Scripture Reading and Reflection
Monday May 8 @ 7:30PM

September Club Meeting
Monday May 15

Shawl Ministry
Sunday May 21 @ 11:30AM

September Club Meeting
Monday May 22

Men's Scripture Reading and Reflection
Monday May 22 @ 7:30PM