Open Arms

Open Arms

Volunteers in Ministry to

Those Living with AIDS





We, the people of God of Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish, Bloomfield, guided by the Holy Spirit and nourished by the sacraments, recognize the call to be a community of loving, caring, and believing people with Christ as our center.


In response, we believe that we must hear, speak, and live that call in our present world. We believe that arms open to receive the love of God are to give that love to His people. We believe we are challenged to accept, love and support those of God's people currently living with HIV/AIDS.


We hope to pursue this mission by engaging in the following objectives:


  1. be OPEN ARMS to those living with HIV/AIDS using all of the gifts with which we have been blessed.



  2. safeguard the confidentiality of all individuals, families and caregivers.



  3. facilitate, support, and encourage volunteering in AIDS ministry.



  4. encourage our parish community to be sensitive to individuals living with HIV/ AIDS, including their families and their caregivers without reservation.



  5. continually educate ourselves and to provide opportunities of education for others within our communities.


For further information and support contact:

St. Thomas the Apostle Church

60 Byrd Avenue

Bloomfield, NJ 07003

(973) 338-9190