Sports and Religion Survey Results

Article about Sports and Religion

Below are the questions from the survey and the results for each:

Do you have a child/grandchild in sports?

64% Yes, 36% No

Do you think practices and games should be held Saturday evening/Sunday Morning?

36% Yes, 64% No

How Frequently do you attend Mass?

100% of those who took the survey responded weekly

Does your child/grandchild ever have games and practices that conflict with being able to attend Mass?

36% Yes, 64% No

Would you like to see guidance from the church on sportsmanship?

64% Yes, 36% No

Some Comments from the survey:

  1. Its always good to relate church/life lessons to real world situations like those experienced during athletic competition.
  2. Some coaches need sportsmanlike training, i.e. favoring better players, not helping poorer players, hoping that poorer players leave the teams and/or finding ways to "kick them off" a team. Until all coaches practice "what they preach", there's no point teaching it to children.
  3. You must set your priorities and attend Mass either on Saturday night or Sundays. Lots of opportunity if you plan.
  4. With children so active in sports, prayers for before and after a game would be helpful to bring God to the athletic field.


1) The number of responses were not statisically large
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