Saint Francis of Assisi

FEAST DAY: October 4th

St. Francis Assisi is one of the most beloved Saints of all time. When he was young he was a wealthy soldier. Then he had a vision of Christ that radically changed his life. St. Francis was devoted to the poverty stricken and the care of the sick. He began religious orders of priests and brothers and with the help of St. Clare an order of nuns. St. Francis had a great love of earth and nature. He once said to a withering tree, “Sister tree, speak to me of God!” and the tree blossomed. Before he died St. Francis said, “Nothing comforts me so much to think of the life and passion of our Lord. Were I to live to the end of the world I would need no other book”.

Forward in Faith Together – Our Road Ahead Presentation

Letter in English       Letter In Spanish

During the Easter season Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, Archbishop of Newark, announced his new pastoral
vision called Forward in Faith Together: Our Road Ahead.

This vision maps out the future of the Archdiocese with six key pillars to create a positive path forward for all the faithful, clergy, and religious in the Archdiocese, while simultaneously addressing the key challenges of the past. Forward in Faith Together seeks to engage more fully laity of all ages in the life of the Church. It also seeks to strengthen unity among the clergy and the people they serve, and to empower deacons and consecrated women and men. Additionally, it emphasizes lifelong faith formation and education, and the ongoing formation of clergy.
Forward in Faith Together will ensure that, together, we thrive as a community of disciples, companions of our Lord, Jesus Christ. All are encouraged to engage in this process. Please speak with your pastor or parish administrator about how to get involved.

For more information about Forward in Faith
Together, visit Here you will
find the complete pastoral vision document along
with a letter and video message from Cardinal
Tobin and other materials. Cardinal Tobin will present Forward in Faith
Together: Our Road Ahead at four county parishes:

All presentations are from 7:00 to 9:00 P.M. All parishioners are invited to a session in their county.
We can do all things in Christ who strengthens us. Philippians 4:13

Saint Gabriel the Archangel

FEAST DAY: September 29th

St. Gabriel is an Archangel and Messenger of God. One of the three angels mentioned by name in the Bible. Appeared to the prophet Daniel to explain the prophet’s visions relating to the Messiah. (Daniel 8:16-269:21) Appeared to Zachariah in the temple to announce the coming of Zachariah son, John the Baptist, and to strike Zachariah mute for his disbelief. (Luke 1:11-20) Appeared to Mary to let her know she’d been selected to bear the Savior. (Luke 1:25-38)

Saint Michael the Archangel

FEAST DAY: September 29th

St. Michael’s name means “Who is like God?” He is the archangel who is the great prince, the guardian of God’s people. In the Book of Revelation, St. Michael is the protector of the Church and the angel who escorts the souls of the departed to heaven. St. Michael is usually depicted in art as an angel in soldier’s armor.

Mission Statement

The Roman Catholic Faith Community of St. Thomas the Apostle recognizes God’s call to be a sign of His Kingdom in the communities we serve.
We respond to this call by:

  • Leading people to a deeper relationship with Christ by providing opportunities for spiritual growth, renewal, education, the celebration of the Sacraments, and the worship of God in the sacred liturgy;
  • Encouraging a commitment to justice and to service of those in need;
  • Promoting good stewardship of our time, talent and treasure;
  • Building a community of hospitality and support in the daily living out of Christian ideals by nourishing mutual respect and understanding within our Church, our families, our community, and other faith traditions.