Advent Giving Tree 2020

The Advent Giving Tree 2020 will be a little different this year with the need to practice social distancing because of COVID-19.

The drop off of gifts will be setup in November. Please look at the bulletin, listen to the announcements and visit the website for more details. Please see the instructions below or downloads the instructions as a PDF.

St. Thomas the Apostle Advent Giving Tree 2020 in Five Easy Steps

1) Follow the link to Signup Genius on at

2) Check off the item(s) you are able to donate then hit “Submit and SignUp”. Note you may see advertisements on the signup page.  They are not sponsored by Saint Thomas or related to the Advent Giving Tree.

3) Fill out the following form (name and email required just in case we need to contact you) and click “Sign Up Now.” If you are getting more than one of an item you can choose the quantity via the drop down menu.

4) Look for a confirmation email.  This will allow you to adjust your donation if you need to.

5) Look in the bulletin and/or listen to the announcements for drop off information.

5A) Please label items with the name of the organization.

5B) Please do not wrap gifts – place items in gift bags or plastic bags.

5C) Please put dollar value on the gift cards

If you are buying from Amazon, use and Amazon will donate a portion of the proceeds to the school.

Thank you for your continued generosity.

Gift Cards can be dropped in with the collection or in the lock box at the top of the parish center at any time.

Location on Google Maps for the parish center.