Alert of Gift Card Scams

Please be wary of any solicitation of funds, or other unusual requests, from Saint Thomas the Apostle Church unless you hear about it in a mass announcement or in the bulletin.  Electronic media is susceptible to being compromised and anyone can create an email address that looks legitimate.  If you receive an email or see a post on our website/social media that looks suspicious, please contact the parish center to ensure it is legitimate before responding. Know that the clergy and staff of our parish will never make a request such as this.

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Report Online and International Scams

Report fake websites, emails, malware, and other internet scams to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). Some online scams start outside the United States. If you have been a victim of an international scam, report it through Your report helps international consumer protection offices spot trends and prevent scams.

Please beware of fraudulent emails or text messages claiming to be from a pastor
or a representative of the archdiocese asking you to purchase gift cards to help the poor or sick. Such fraudulent activity should be reported to the State of New Jersey Cyber Crimes Unit at (609) 584-5051, ext. 5664, or online at Please feel free to call the
parish or school office to validate the authenticity of any suspicious email claiming to be from our priests or staff.