Altar Servers

Altar Server Prayer

Loving Father, creator of the universe, you call your people to worship, to be with you and one another at Mass. I thank you for having called me to assist others in their prayer to you. May I be worthy of the trust placed in me and through my example and service bring others closer to you. I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, who is Lord forever and ever. Amen

Altar Server Manual

The Altar Server Manual is available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF formats.  Use the links below.

Current Altar Sever Manual in Microsoft Word

Current Altar Sever Manual in PDF

(Before July 2019) Microsoft Word    (Before July 2019) PDF Format

Altar Setup

The altar should be setup like below.  Roman Missal on the left.  Corporal unfolded and centered with the tag face down.  Priest chalice, purificator, pall and cruet on the right.  Click the image for a larger/full screen version.

Altar Setup

Video Training

Walkthrough of the Mass and important vocabulary….in about 10 minutes with these four videos…..

Vocabulary with Pictures.


Walk through with recent changes (After July 2020) and with only one server.

Introductory Rite through the Liturgy of the Word


Liturgy of the Eucharist through the Closing Rite. 


Missed one thing at around 2:55 – the altar server should take the pitcher with wine and cruet with water back to the credence table if someone hasn’t already done it.



Ringing the Bells at Consecration


Folding the Corporal



Older Altar Server Walk Through at Mass (Before 2019), but still useful.

Mass Training – From the Introductory Rite, through the Gospel and Homily to the start of the Creed.

Mass Training – From just after the Homily to the start of communion.

Mass Training – From the End of Communion to the Closing Rite.