Baptismal Font

  • The Star of David.  Jesus is descended from David and this symbols shows the Jewish ties to Christianity.
  • Jesus is the Lamb of God.  Here the lamb is shown in a victorious state, winning the battle over death, sin and the devil.
  • Cross and a cockleshell.  Cockleshells symbolize the hospitality pilgrims enjoy as they spread God’s Word.  Cockleshells represent our baptismal call to spread the Good News.
  • The sacred heart of Jesus, crowned with thrones and ablaze with the fire of his love.
  • The loaves and fishes – one of Jesus’ miracles.
  • The dove represents the decent of the Holy Spirit at Jesus’ Baptism and who also comes at ours.
  • The anchor represents the theological virtue of hope.  In Hebrews 6:19, hope is called the “Anchor of the Soul.”
  • The symbol of a crown and hand that points downward represents the God the Father.  Recall that at Jesus’ baptism God the Father speaks from the heavens.