Bereavement Ministry

Offering spiritual support and the healing comfort of God for all who mourn a loss through death. Please also see the related funeral ministry.

Bringing Comfort and Healing to Those

-Depressed and guilt ridden

-Overly anxious about the future

-Socially withdrawn and isolated

-Having difficulty eating/sleeping

-Feeling ongoing numbness and agitation

-Increasing the use of alcohol/other drugs

-Experiencing chronic anger/bitterness

-Unable to regain a sense of meaning in your life

-You may have experienced family/friends no longer able to listen tothe pain of your grief.

Each individual’s unique experience of grief needs to be respected, rather than expected to follow prescribed stages of mourning.

Facilitators are Certified by the Family Life Office of the Newark Archdiocese

Patty Russillo and Anna Graziano

For more information call Anna Graziano (973-338-9538)

All calls are confidential

Different Types of Grief

-Delayed Grief:

Mourning is hindered by a lack of empathy from others and an absence of a sense of safety to feel deeply.

-Traumatic Grief:

Accidents, murder, suicide, or other sudden deaths, natural disasters and terrorists attacks. Also, any death that is experienced as devastating.

-Hidden Losses:

Miscarriage, infertility, adoption, failed adoption.

-Anticipatory Grief:

lingering illness