Children’s Liturgy of the Word

Children’s Liturgy of the Word is a vibrant ministry that serves preschool and elementary age children during the 10:30 am Sunday Mass, from September through June.

The priest invites the children of the parish, after the Opening Prayer, to hear the Sunday readings in child friendly words they can understand. Interactive dialogue, music and activities bring the readings to life in a positive and respectful environment that enables the young children in our parish to have an enriched understanding of our faith. We have the wonderful new addition of music and sign language added to our Children’s Liturgy to focus attention on the readings and psalms. Children are brought downstairs just before the Liturgy of the Word begins and return to the congregation and their parents during the Preparation of the Gifts. Children also participate in the mass by presenting the gifts.

COME JOIN US! Share your love of Jesus with children through his Holy Word

We are always thrilled to welcome new helpers to this ministry where our goal is to share the Sunday scripture readings and give young children in our parish special faith-sharing time. If you are looking for a way to share your faith and love of Christ and enjoy being with our tiniest parishioners you will be rewarded in many unexpected ways! The children have a unique way of inspiring the volunteers in the Children’s Liturgy ministry. They ask questions and say things that make us grown-ups think of our faith in a fresh and beautiful way.

You need not be concerned whether or not you have prior experience or an advanced degree. Children’s Liturgy Volunteers come from many types of backgrounds, walks of life and are in different points in their journey of faith. You may discover that giving your time to this ministry can strengthen and deepen your own faith. Perhaps you are intimidated about what to say or how to teach to a group of kids you hardly know. Not to worry, we will orient you and you will have wonderful, user-friendly materials to use, with many suggestions and ideas for each Sunday. We only have between 10 and 15 minutes to impart the readings and the message so the time (sometimes) goes very fast!  There are many resources at your disposal along with seasoned volunteers who are all around to help. You can be an assistant for as long as you need to feel comfortable. Many volunteers have signed up with a friend since two hands are better than one! We hope your heart is moved to consider joining the wonderful group of volunteers who currently support this ministry.

This is what one new volunteer wrote about her experience:  “I was so nervous the first time I did the Children’s Liturgy of the Word. What was I going to say to the children? Would they listen to me? Was I going to mess up? I breathed a prayer to the Holy Spirit – my father always told me to do that and now I did. The Spirit came through. I had a delightful first class because I fell in love with those little faces before me, so eager to take in the readings. And I learned so much more about the New and Old Testament and I thought about the scripture readings in a whole new way. I got as much personal enrichment from volunteering with the children as I was giving.”

Volunteers are currently needed to:

  1. …proclaim the Scripture readings and explain them on a child’s level
  2. …to assist the Readers in movement of the children to and from the church, and keep up with theprogress of the Mass when returning them to the congregation and their parents.
  3. …Meetings Times: The ministry members meet once or twice a year, prior to mass to share ideas andexperiences

Presently volunteers are serving once or twice a month, but with new helpers we hope to limit this commitment to once a month and to have two volunteers at each 10:30 mass. Training and orientation is provided to all new volunteers.

If you need more information or have questions, please contact:

Frances DiPaola at 973-320-4058 or E-mail: