Epiphany Pageant Gallery (1/06/2008)

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St. Thomas the Apostle Children’s Epiphany Pageant was once again held in the Church following the 12:15 pm Mass of January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord, one of the major Christmas season feasts.


Though less than one half hour long, it nevertheless is full of significance and joy for all of the children who participate, grades Pre-K to 4th grade, and for their families and the many parishioners who stay to watch.


The children in mostly simple homemade costumes, participate in a tableau of the story of the birth of Jesus, or the “Infancy Narrative,” as read by an adult lector. The “cast” members, including Angels, Shepherds, the Courts and Kings of the Earth, and of course the Holy Family, Led by the Star, all proceed to the “manger,” set up in front of the Altar. The fragile stick manger is a beautiful memorial for Frank and Vincenza Farisco and has been used ever since for the pageant, in whatever form it has taken over the years.


The children sing a few Christmas carols that comment on the drama, and there are some student instrumentalists, namely Zach and Stephanie Calluori, who add beauty and serenity to the scene.


Parishioner and Eucharistic Minister Judy Donahue, whose granddaughter Kylie participated for the first time this year, has gotten simple patterns and has volunteered to help moms who would like to look and ahead and make a costume for their child for the ’08 pageant. Judy is an excellent seamstress which just means she can make it simple for others! We know that many moms with young children are overwhelmed at Christmas time and are fearful of the costume work. If you would like to make a costume for your child – the patterns and as much help as you need will be provided – please contact her at home at 973-893-1485. Once she has an idea of the number of people a date will be set for work here at the parish center.


We hope to see many more of our children participate in this beautiful event! It is open to all children, both parish school and CCD families! Please join us.


Nancy Cardone