Holy Oils

Holy Oils

There are three Holy Oils in the administering or celebrating of the sacraments here at Saint Thomas the Apostle.  Each is blessed by the Archbishop at the Chrism Mass during  Holy Week each year. They are stored in the Ambry.

Oil of the Sick, OI (Oleum Infirmorum in Latin)

For the anointing of all who suffer in mind and body, the elderly, and those who will be undergoing surgery.  (Anointing of the Sick)

Oil of the Catechumens, OC (Oleum Catechumenorum in Latin)

For all the anointing of all the infants, children, and adults who are called to prepare for the sacrament of Baptism.

Oil of Holy Chrism, SC (Sanctum Chrisma in Latin)

To anoint during the rite of Baptism and in the sacrament of Confirmation, to anoint the priests’ hands at ordination, to anoint the altar and the walls of the house of the Church.