Mass for the Twenty-Third Sunday of Ordinary Time – September 6, 2020

Other Notes:

The first class typically is between September 21st for Grades 3-8 and September 28th for Grades 1 and 2.

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Please visit our “Around the Community Page” for more information about the national moratorium on most evictions.

C.D.C. Eviction Moratorium:  How a residential  tenant can apply for it, if eligible – U.S. Center for Disease Control Eviction Moratorium FACT Sheet & Deficiency Declaration to your landlord – Attached is a brief explanation on how a residential tenant household could approach a landlord if the tenant defaults in rental payments.  Includes a CDC-approved deficiency certification to submit to a landlord.  (It is advisable to consult an attorney: public interest or private, if available.)  Eviction moratorium began on September 4th and ends December 31, 2020.  See FACT SHEET and deficiency certification: .  The C.D.C. Eviction Moratorium is not a rental subsidy program.  Tenants would seek financial assistance elsewhere, if available at this time:  Call the State of N.J. number 2-1-1.