Religious Education

The Pastoral Associate for Elementary Catechetics is Tracey Hann.
The phone number to the Religious Education Office is (973) 338-7400.
Office hours: Monday-Thursday 10:00AM-5:00PM. Friday by appointment.

Summer CCD Religious Education


This year CCD Registration and Payments will be done online.

Online Registration Instructions:

Please do not register using a cell phone – page is not mobile friendly.

Click on the “REGISTRATION” button below.

Payments page will appear.

Select the program you wish to register for – Only one program can be chosen.

Click “Continue”

Complete Payment Information – Please note that the first 8 lines are for payment information.  Religious education registration information begins with “Family Last Name”      on Line 9.

Complete all additional information for your first child. You may only register one child at a time.

You will not be permitted to advance to the next field if you have failed to complete a required box.

* You may then select a password to save your profile information for future registrations.         This will be particularly helpful if you have more than one child.

Select “I’m not a robot”

Click “Process”

If you need to register another child go back after you’ve clicked on process and Select “CCD Registration-Additional Child”

* If you are registering for Summer CCD after April 1st you will also need to go to Registration late fee.

* If you are registering for Fall CCD after May 31st you will also need to go to Registration late fee.

If you have any questions about registration please call Tracey at 973-338-7400 or text her at 973-632-8830.

** First time registrants must provide a copy of each child’s baptismal certificate in order for them to begin classes.  These can be mailed to the Religious Ed Office at 50 Byrd Ave., Bloomfield NJ 07003 ATTN: Tracey or scanned and emailed to If you prefer, they can also be hand delivered to the Religious Ed Office.

Fall CCD Calendar for 2018-2019

In Microsoft Word     In PDF

First Communion and First Reconciliation

Important reminder for parents of children going into first grade…our sacramental program is a two year program which means that children must attend religious education in the first grade if they wish to receive the sacraments of First Penance and First Holy Communion in second grade. Please call the Religious Education Office at 338-7400 for a registration package.

Aids for Learning Prayers

5 Basic Prayers

Mr. Rossano’s CCD Page

Mr. Rossano’s 7th and 8th Grade Page