Rose Window

The stain glass rose window. The show elements of Jesus’ Death, but at the center is His victory of death and sin. This Rose Window depicts the Jesus through the Passion, Death and Resurrection. For additional information, please see the parish newsletter from Fall 2007
Full Window:
  • The scouraging at the pillar with the flail and rods (rod,–a species of thorny stick, covered with knots and splinters (from Dolorous Passion Anne Catherine Emmerich [1862])

  • Crowning with thorns
  • Mace
  • Reed in right hand (Matthew 27:29) kept striking his head with a reed and spitting upon him (Mark 15:19)

  • Cross with the sign written in 3 languages (Greek, Hebrew and Latin).
  • The Hammer and nails use to bind Jesus to the Cross.

  • The sponge soaked in gall and stick used to quench Jesus’s thirst
  • The spear that pierced his side
  • Ladder used to take Jesus down from the cross

  • Lamb with blood pouring out
  • Symbols of the Alpha and Omega (the first and last letter in the Greek Alphabet) See Revelation
  • Cup of Jesus Blood, a sign of our everlasting covenant with God.