Bible Scripture Reflection Group

Point of Contact – Frank Miller – – 201-207-0020

Brief Description – Scripture reflection on the coming Sunday’s readings two Monday evenings a month, September thru June. We discuss the 4 senses of scripture and use other resources to share the Word of God. We meet in person as well as maintain a Zoom call format. Over 11 years, we have shared encyclicals, works of the Church Fathers, videos by Word on Fire Ministries and many others.

Meeting Dates – We meet 2 Monday evenings a month 7:30PM in the Parish Center 7-9:30 PM as well as have Zoom access.

How can someone join? – These meetings are open to all parishioners and friends. We have been meeting since 2010 and started as part of the Men’s Cornerstone initiative. The talent we serve is the desire to understand the Catholic Faith by the written Word of God. All are welcome.

Below contains historical information about this ministry.

A group of Catholic men and women read and reflect on the Scripture for the upcoming weekend’s Mass (available at  We discuss the readings using the ‘Four Senses’ of scripture. These are the historical/ literal sense of word meanings and knowledge of the time distant to us now and the 3 spiritual senses. The moral sense, the allegorical or Christological sense and eschatological sense. These offer in order, what moral implications are being revealed, what points to Jesus in the Old Testament, and finally how scripture offers the answer to: Why are we here? Where are we going? And what is God’s plan? We discuss as appropriate, current challenges to the faithful in Christ.

Over our 10 years, this group has also read widely from other Catholic and orthodox materials including Saint Paul’s Letters to the RomansMere Christianity by CS Lewis, papal encyclicals and the Didache (Teaching of the Apostles from the 1st Century AD). We also watch and listen to Bishop Robert Barron’s homilies, and as well as works of other relevant authors and speakers.

This group generally meets every other Monday in the parish center, but please check the calendar for actual meeting dates, times and room.