September Club

Point of Contact – Fran Gradella – 848-448-4335

Brief Description – The September Club provides a varied Program of Meetings, Parties, and Trips to meet the needs of Seniors over the age of 55 for socialization, information pertinent to the challenges of aging, and a Network of Support. Founded in 1970, 2020 marked our 50th Anniversary. The Club, per our By-Laws, is non-denominational and irrespective of Parish Borders. The ruling body of the Club is the Executive Committee comprised of Officers and Committee Heads. We have various Committees like, Hospitality, Sunshine, Membership; and we invite new members who would like to be more involved to join a Committee if they would like to.

Every Meeting has an activity, whether it is in-house entertainment, a game, a speaker on issues that affect seniors, or a holiday celebration. We serve lunch approximately once a month, and coffee and tea at every meeting. All meetings start with prayers and a flag salute. We sponsor 2 parties a year off site – one in December and one in June. We sponsor approximately 6-7 Trips per year from March through November to places and events of interest to our members as identified by survey.

 We meet weekly on Mondays with some exceptions. The dues are $35 per Program Year which runs from the Monday after Labor Day Monday through the first week in June. We strive to make the September Club is a place where friendships flourish and our seniors feel safe, at ease, and happy.  Anyone 55 years of age or older who is interested is welcome to sit-in on a Meeting. Just call Fran to arrange this.

Meeting Dates – Most Mondays in St Peter’s Room from 11:30am to 3:00pm

How can someone join? – Contact Fran. Not looking for specific talents.

Below contains historical information about this ministry

The September Club was formed in 1970 to provide a place where Seniors could socialize with each other, support each other, and share their common experiences. It is open to adults 55 years of age or older. In addition to regular meetings, the Club sponsors special events and trips to enhance its offerings to members.

We meet weekly from September through June, bi weekly in July and August, at 11:30 am in the St Peter’s Room of the Parish Center. We bring our own lunch, except for meetings where lunch or a substantial snack like bagels is provided. Members are informed in advance if lunch is going to be served. The formal part of the meetings starts at 12:30pm.

Dues are $35 per year, payable in September. The Club is directed by an Executive Committee consisting of Officers and Committee Chairpersons. Officers serve a two year term, and are elected in May. For further information contact President, Fran Gardella at her cell phone 848-448-4335. You are welcome to drop by and join us for a meeting at any time.

To join, fill out the form via one of the following links.

September Club Application Form in Microsoft Word Format

September Club Application Form in Adobe PDF Format

Return it to us at one of our meetings.

Call Fran Gardella  on cell phone (848-448-4335) to join us for any of our adventures.