Shawl Ministry

Point of Contact – Betsy Sabato –

Brief Description – We Knit or crochet shawls or lap robes for those in need of comfort, baby blankets for each baby baptized at our church, prayer squares and hats and scarves for the Advent giving tree as well as other charities in need.

Meeting Dates – The 3rd Sunday of the month in the Parish center. Right now we have been working from home.

How can someone join? – If you can knit or crochet you are welcome to join our Ministry. Reach out to

Below contains historical information about the Shawl Ministry.

Shawl Ministry Project

Patients being cared for at the Villa Marie Claire hospice and palliative care center receive a Prayer shawl upon admission. We have been invited to participate in this project to help meet the demand. We also keep a supply of shawls and lap robes for those who are in special need of prayers. We make chemo hats, preemie hats and blankets. Our prayerfully made items are available just by contacting the Parish Center, Betsy or Alicia.

I now reach out to all crafters to consider helping us with these projects. Our Ministry can provide you with the guidance for this prayerful activity.

Over the years the Shawl Ministry has:

  • Welcomed each baby baptized at St. Thomas by giving them a baby blanket.
  • Given baby blankets to the single mothers who are sheltered at Siena House in the Bronx.
  • Had homebound members and our youth group make cookies and scarves for Broadway House’s St. Valentine’s Day project.
  • Provided emergency homeless shelters hats and scarves.
  • Participated in the parish Advent Giving Tree project.
  • Provided shawls to the graduates of an adult drug program.
  • Distributed shawls and lap robes to people in need of prayers.

The women of our Ministry not only donate their time and talent but also the expense of the materials making each item. For parishioners who are interested in supporting our Ministry, we appreciate small amount gift cards from A.C Moore and Michaels which can be put in the Sunday collection basket or brought to the parish center.

We are also thankful for your leftover usable yarn.  All donations should be clearly marked for the Prayer Shawl Ministry. Let us continue to pray for those making shawls and  those who receive them.

Please look in the bulletin and online for upcomming meeting dates.

Prayer Shawl Ministry Statement

An active prayer… As I knit this shawl, the work of my hands and the faith of my soul ask God to bring blessings upon you.

A gift received, a prayer accepted.   The receiver physically and spiritually wrapped in the shawl, the prayers of the giver — prayers for comfort, for healing, a blessing, or thanksgiving.

The gift of the shawl says, “With my hands and in my heart, I have prayed for you.   I share your joy or I pray for your comfort.   And you are not alone.”

Members of the Prayer Shawl Ministry knit or crochet shawls and blankets, working either privately at home or with a group.   Crafters begin each shawl with prayers for the recipient and continue their intentions throughout the creation of the shawl. A prayer may also be offered when the shawl is presented.

Prayer shawls are given to recipients of all ages and from all walks of life, and for a variety of reasons.   One may be presented as a prayer for strength to someone who is undergoing a frightening medical procedure, chemotherapy, radiation or dialysis. Another might comfort a grieving spouse or loved one.   Shawls or blankets are also bestowed to celebrate a birth or to acknowledge a life changing event.

At St. Thomas, we strive to provide gifts and prayers for all of these reasons.  Each baby baptized here receives a blanket made by a member of our ministry.  Mothers of babies born with special needs might also receive a shawl and blanket as a reminder that they are continually in our prayers.   We make hats and scarves for local shelters and contribute handmade gifts to the advent giving tree.

Our mission is to provide you with prayers, warmth, and comfort, to share your pain, your sorrow, or your joy.  And to remind you that you are never alone.

Shawl Ministry Photos

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