The Alliance of the Two Hearts

Alliance of the Two Hearts

The Alliance of the Two Hearts – New Jersey Mission religious activities entails:

–  First Friday/ First Saturday Vigil in Parishes of the COMMUNION OF REPARATION with its basic elements of Holy Eucharist, Holy Rosary, Confessions, and Holy Hours of Adoration.  We started the Vigil at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in June 1996 and have since held the Vigil in March. At times in the past we held these Vigils more than once or twice at St. Thomas with the Pastor’s approval.

–  Home Enthronement – House to House Consecration of families to the Hearts of JESUS and Mary to initiate the the daily practice of Communion of Reparation to bring back sanctity in the home.

–  Monthly Prayer Cenacles to help consecrated families and other individuals  to sustain themselves in their daily struggle to attain holiness of life.

More than a devotion, the Alliance of the Two Hearts is a Way of Life!